Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hot Glue Creations

 I love to learn new techniques.  I particularly enjoy taking classes, especially at local museums.  Several years ago a friend recommended classes at the Pearl Fincher Museum in Spring, TX and I was glad she did.  Here I met a wonderful art instructor named Evelyn Bouley.  She's the educational specialist for the museum who organizes or designs workshops for all levels of artists.  She's been an art educator for over 33 years and has developed a masterful approach to using materials and techniques in a variety of ways.  Recently she taught how to create an abstract diptych (2 panel painting) using hot glue and acrylic paint.  I asked if I could share these steps on my blog and being the true educator she said "of course!"

 1.  Get 2 - 8 x 10 canvas boards.  Trace the size onto a piece of white paper.
2.  Use 2 lines to divide the space into 3 shapes.  Keep them pretty simple.
3.  Fill 2 of the shapes with patterns.  Again keep them simple.

 4.  Cover the back of the paper with graphite to create tracing paper.

 5.  Trace the design onto both canvas boards

 6.  With a glue gun go over all the lines on both canvas boards.

 7.  Choose acrylic paints in some warm colors (reds, yellows, oranges) and some cool colors (blues, greens, or purples).

8.  Paint one section using a blend of warm colors - meaning don't just paint a flat color but a mixture.

9.  On the third section create a neutral color by mixing a color with it's complement (aka color opposite on the color wheel).  In this case I used orange + blue.  Mix small amounts of this color into some white and paint it on the 3rd shape.  This will give the eye somewhere to rest.

Let all the paint dry.

 10.  Squeeze some metallic paint onto a flat surface and with a brayer roll this color onto the hot glue.  If you don't have a brayer just use a small brush.  Don't worry about some of the metallic smearing the areas.  You can wipe those off with a damp towel or blend them with a brush.  Let this paint dry.

11.  To mix the glaze put a small amount of black paint into a generous amount of matt medium.

12.  Working in small sections paint the glaze on.
13. Next take a soft paper towel or tissue and wipe away most of the glaze leaving some in the grooves.

14.  If you want to brighten the metallic paint back up use a small detail brush after the glaze has dried.

Wasn't that easy?  Now create your own unique designs on different size canvas boards. Share your creations with me - I'd love to see how Evelyn inspires other people like she did me!

Friday, November 15, 2013

You can't make old friends.

Today I opened my Facebook page and my friend Julie Hilgenberg had posted this link for me:

Old friends are the people that keep us going through good times and bad.  We know each other's secrets, shortcomings, mistakes, and weaknesses.  We also know what also brings each other joy, happiness and peace.

Julie and I met when she was fresh out of college.  I was managing a small branch office for an ad agency and she came in for an interview.  Her memory's better than mine and as she tells it I didn't hire her right away.  But when I had a position that filled her skill set I called her back.  From the moment we began to work together we both felt that connection of enduring friendship.  We've held each other up through many tough times, and danced during the good.  We've never questioned our devotion to each other.  It's always been there.  We live pretty far apart right now, I'm in Texas, she's in Maryland, but we talk to each other several times a month.  And when my husband asks who's on the phone I say, "It's my Julie."

Make an old friend smile today.  Send them an email, call them on the phone or send them this link.  Their response will make you smile too.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Holiday Journals

Doorway Doodle  11/6/13
It's the beginning of November and I already feel an ache in the pit of my stomach.  Stores are full of holiday decorations to tempt you into spending your money and time.  They're reminding you of all the things you'll need to do. Gift and grocery lists are becoming longer each day.  Time seems to speed up as the holidays approach.  And, if you're like me, tensions mount.

In my last post 101 Creative Ideas I gave you a list of things you could do to motivate, inspire and entertain you.  Anything you do on this list can help relieve some of the holiday stress you may be feeling.  It's a great resource for positive things to do with your time.

I've decided to create a new journal for the holidays.  I'm going to strive to work in it everyday.  Some days I'll write and some days I'll draw or paint.  Everyday I make an entry I'll try to focus on the important things in my abundant life.  And I'll let the troublesome and negative things be pushed aside.  I'll use this journal as my refuge when I feel overwhelmed with all the tasks that need to get done.  I'll also use this journal to reflect on the good things that are happening now or in the future.

I encourage you to find, or make, a journal and gather your supplies.

We'll get through this together!