Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The music of words.

I had just begun writing a series about finding your artistic voice when my friend Jenessa Paige sent me her most recent work.  I was blown away by her artistry and decided to share her work on my blog because it's the perfect starting point for my series.  In her work titled "True Love" she speaks about self love and acceptance.


Artists are the most vulnerable creatures I know.  We put ourselves out there for the world to critique.  We share our ideas, words and images in public for the others to experience.  Sometimes we're praised.  Other times we're not.  But we keep creating no matter what.  Because making art feeds our souls.

If you write, sew, sing, dance, paint, draw, cook, or just doodle you're an artist.  Don't be timid.  Share your work with others and enjoy the response.

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  1. This was so inspirational! I really enjoyed the poetry!