Friday, November 15, 2013

You can't make old friends.

Today I opened my Facebook page and my friend Julie Hilgenberg had posted this link for me:

Old friends are the people that keep us going through good times and bad.  We know each other's secrets, shortcomings, mistakes, and weaknesses.  We also know what also brings each other joy, happiness and peace.

Julie and I met when she was fresh out of college.  I was managing a small branch office for an ad agency and she came in for an interview.  Her memory's better than mine and as she tells it I didn't hire her right away.  But when I had a position that filled her skill set I called her back.  From the moment we began to work together we both felt that connection of enduring friendship.  We've held each other up through many tough times, and danced during the good.  We've never questioned our devotion to each other.  It's always been there.  We live pretty far apart right now, I'm in Texas, she's in Maryland, but we talk to each other several times a month.  And when my husband asks who's on the phone I say, "It's my Julie."

Make an old friend smile today.  Send them an email, call them on the phone or send them this link.  Their response will make you smile too.


  1. Hope you smile today Old Friend Who Looks Younger Than Her Years... So glad to have you among my grand gaggle of Old Friends and happy you have Julie. Drinks all around.

  2. You are so right about the power of a special, enduring friendship. I love this post and I can relate to it. You made me reflect on the importance of valuing and nurturing old friendships. They are golden.

  3. Great reminder. Love when old friends are reunited again. Sometimes we need someone for a moment in our lives, they go away, but one day they may come back. They're like family.

  4. Oh I love this!
    Made me think of my best friend...She's in NY and I'm in Florida. I saw her for my birthday this year and will be the first person I see when I land in NY!!

    Keep it Touched,

  5. This is so true! I love my bezzie friends to bits and you can't replace them. Thanks for the smile today :)