Saturday, January 9, 2016

Be Present

The first week of 2016 has come and gone.  It's been a tough start because it began with a personal loss.  A dear friend passed away on January 2nd after a very long illness.  The wife he left behind is one of my favorite people.  She is my hero and I am in awe of her strength.  She handled each and every trying situation with grace and patience.  I could feel God's presence in every moment. The dawn of this new year hasn't been an easy one, yet the experience has inspired me to rethink my goals for 2016.

I will be present. I am committing myself to practicing mindfulness in all activities, situations and interactions.

Practicing mindfulness and presence may sound easy to some people, but for me it's going to be a challenge.  My days seem to be filled with activities and interactions where I don't have time to pause,  let alone think!  I'm overwhelmed by "busyness" and reacting to stimuli.  I haven't made it a practice to stop, think, consider different options and just breathe.

Journal page 12  /29/15-1/7/16

Here are some ways I will practice mindfulness:

I will listen more than I speak.
I will freely give my time to others.
I will keep my surroundings free of clutter.
I will inspire others without constraints.
I will create my own art every day.
I will not gossip or pass judgement.
I will practice meditation and yoga.
I will pray before taking action.
I will be present.

Like many people, I've found setting goals is essential to successfully accomplishing difficult tasks.  I also know the best goals stretch me beyond my comfort zone.  When I'm pushed to my limits, I'm inspired to find strength.  As I design my happy, healthy and wealthy goals for 2016 I will include mindfulness.  I will be completely present and there will be an added sweetness to my accomplishments.


  1. Sorry to hear about your friend's passing. Here's to creating every day, clutter free environments, and being present. Hope to spend some creative time with you this year! ~Hobby


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