Thursday, August 22, 2013

Doodling away!!

School is starting next Monday so this week was full of meetings and long planning sessions.  I get very restless at these types of events so I always carry a sketchbook and pen with me.  I doodle while I listen to the presentation because it helps me listen, focus and stay awake.  This is a coping strategy I learned in middle school.  Sometimes it got me in trouble, but most of the time it helped me learn better (and stay out of trouble because I'm always restless!)  Because of doodling those endless meetings became opportunities to create while I learned.

Coincidentally I was noodling around on the Internet to find videos to inspire my students and came across one that talked about importance of doodling.  Take a few minutes and enjoy thisTED talk by Suni Brown about doodling.

Suni's new definition of doodling is one that I too would like to see in the dictionary:

Doodling - To make spontaneous marks to help yourself think.

So get out a pen and start thinking!
Yesterday I started this doodle inspired by my son and his bride leaving for
their honeymoon.  Hopefully I'll finish it before they get back!



  1. I doodle in meetings but my doodles are never that complex, very cool!

    1. You can even grab a coloring book and doodle within the shapes.

  2. I love ted talk! I'll check this one out! I doodle at boring work meetings all the time. lol

    1. Sometimes I look forward to meetings because I know I'll get some uninterrupted time to doodle!