Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fear of Heights

Once I relaxed - Sweaty but happy!
If you ever want to get over a fear of heights you might want to try hanging on a zip-line.  In Costa Rica they called it the "Canopy Trail" but I think that was just to make us "gringos" forget that we're going to be hooked to a wire and pushed off a ledge. It was crazy idea that my husband and friends had.  "This will be fun Karen! You're going to love it," they said.  Sure I would.  As soon as I empty the contents of my stomach!

My first run.  I was even
gripping my ankles!
All I can remember after getting harnessed up is looking at my shoes.  We were standing on a wire mesh ledge attached to a tree about 2 stories off the ground.  My feet appeared transparent as I looked down could see the rusty mesh and the ground below.  "Jump up," the guide said as he hooked me to the cable.  I put my hands where he told me and listened to instructions about how to use the brakes.  BTW - the brakes consist of a leather strip on my well worn gloves.  "What ever you do," he said, "don't let go!"  NO S%*#!  I was then pushed of the ledge and sent sailing through the air. My stomach gets in knots again just writing this!  I held on with white knuckles staring intently at the hook holding me on the cable.  Before I knew it I was on another ledge being unhooked.  When Joe landed he checked on me.  "So," he says, "how'd it go?"  I still couldn't decide whether I was going to laugh or be sick. Before I could take action I was hooked up again and flying through the trees.  All I could do was stare at the hook and continued my death grip.

As I was hooked up to the third run I decided this time I was going to look around.  So as I left the ledge I opened my eyes and took in all that was around me.  It was breath taking!  The blue of the sky, the lush green of the trees, random flowers of pink, and mountains in the distance filled my vision.  I felt like I was flying!  Here's a little video (taken by the guide) for you to experience the thrill.  That's me in the pink shirt - notice I'm smiling now!

While I don't think I've completely gotten over my fear of heights, I believe I've come a long way. Don't get me wrong - I'm not ready to go bungee jumping of the side of a building or cliff diving. But with a well trained guide,  proper tools, practice and safety precautions jumping out of a tree became less scary!  It was an exhilarating experience!

After - I could only see
the view.
Before - I could see through
my foot!
See if you can draw one of your fears before and after.  It'll make you feel victorious!


  1. Looks fun, but I'm not ready to sign up just yet! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm not much into heights either, but I might get talked into that! My aunt and uncle live in Costa Rica--so maybe one day . . . I'm glad you were able to enjoy it and see the beautiful sights.