Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blog neglect.

I admit it, I've neglected this blog.  It's not because I'm lazy or uninterested.  I just got caught up in other projects. But I need to take care of this blog. Because I'm in the process of  co-authoring a book with Hobby Parent I need to pull from my posts.  Because in them are the seeds, fruits and flowers of my ideas.   

Hobby and I have been working on ideas for our business for a while now.  Our vision has gone through lots of changes, twists and turns.  We wanted to live more creative lives ourselves and share our knowledge and expertise with others.  We want to teach people to be happier, healthier and wealthier by tapping into their creative souls.  We want to spread the word and start a “creativity movement.”  That’s when DARE TO CREATE A BETTER LIFE began.

About this time last year Hobby and I decided to write a book as a big business card for our website and workshop business. We toyed with a number of ideas and have written pages of content. Our focus kept shifting, even through our goal was constant. In the midst of our fogginess we realized we needed help. So we hired a book writing coach Donna Kozik.  Her no nonsense approach helped us consolidate our ideas and blogs into a real book!

This past weekend Hobby and I attended an online book writing workshop led by Donna Kozik.  It was 2 days of intense work where we continued to chip away at the chapters.  When Hobby ran into technical problems we shifted her focus to work on the illustrations.  When I got stuck Hobby would talk me through my confusion and lead me to the next big idea.  On Sunday night Donna gave us all an assignment:  Figure out the next 3 things you need to do to complete your book and do them!

Yesterday I got an amazing gift in the form of time.  Houston's not known for days off from school unless there's a hurricane brewing.  But a cold front moved through with freezing rain and ice.  So I sat myself in front of my computer with a hot cup of coffee and wrote my fingers to the bone.  It was another intense day of work, yet it invigorated me!  And I knocked out all three things on my list.

Our book is almost ready to be born - we still have editing and illustrations to finish.  But I think we're in our "3rd trimester" and considering the title:

Creativity Sparks
30 Ways to Ignite Imagination for a Happier Life

I'll begin to post excerpts and progress reports.  Which is why my blog is still important to me. Along with Hobby and Donna this blog will hold me accountable to get this book done!

Now I need to create my new list of the Next Most Important Things.

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  1. Wow Proud of ya girl. Can't wait to see it!!!