Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Planning for the New Year

It's the first week of 2014.  My head is full of all the possibilities the new year holds.

But the holidays have worn me out!  I traveled 2300 miles back and forth from Texas to Virginia.  While I was on my "vacation" I was on a hamster wheel.  Cook, clean, repeat.  Our home was a revolving door as celebrated with family and friends. And while I think I enjoyed every minute of it much of the time was a blur of activities.

So I decided to start this year with a little exercise called a 30 Things Mind Dump.  Here's what how:

1.  Set a timer for 15 minutes
2.  Write a list of 30 things you'd like to have, do or be. Your list should include things that are attainable:
                 - soon (30 days or less)
                 - in the near future (31-365 days)
                 - in the distant future (to infinity and beyond)
3.  After the timer goes off pull out a highlighter and marker 10 items that things that you might have a chance of getting, doing or being in the next 30 days.

Tomorrow - Climbing to your goal.

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