Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary Pete & Sarah

A year ago today my son, Peter, married the love of his life, Sarah.   We spent a week Nags Head, NC preparing and celebrating with family and friends.  There were some glitches along the way,  but honestly those are the blurriest memories.  Here's a list of my fondest rememberances from the day:

"Wedding Day Sunrise"
9 x 16    Acrylic on Canvas
  • The beautiful sunrise as I walked on the beach offering up my prayers for the day
  • Giggling at the hairdressers with MOB and the bridesmaids
  • Walking up to the inn and seeing the beautiful decorations just as Sarah and her mom had planned
  • Spending a few moments alone with Peter
  • Visiting Sarah as she dressed, experiencing her excitment
  • The hot bus ride to the church full of laughter
  • Preparing for the ceremony- adjusting ties and picking lint off the groomsmen
  • The moment Joe and I walked into the church feeling the love of all who were present
  • The look on Peter's face when Sarah walked down the aisle - the definition of bliss
  • The whole ceremony viewed through my happy tears
  • The utter chaos of picture taking - getting my family together was like herding cats
  • Entering the reception tent full of music, laughter and surprisingly very little ice
  • The processional dance of the bridal party
  • Peter and Sarah's first dance to "La Mer"
  • Meeting, greeting, hugging & kissing as many guests as I could
  • The toasts - Eric stole the show!  "Just look at her," he kept saying as he talked about his new sister.
  • Dancing, dancing, dancing.  I remember the floor was overflowing during "Wagon Wheel"
  • Peter's face when Sarah returned from changing into her going away outfit. It was like he'd just gotten the best gift ever!
  • The last dance "Sara(h) Smile".  I cried through the whole song.
  • The bride and groom leaving to a pelting of glow sticks.
  • Returning to the house finding Peter and Sarah there - So I got one more hug before I dropped them at The Lucky 12.
  • Then the day after full of stories and laughter.
  • I know there are more memories, but my cup is already running over! I didn't even cover the rest of the week.
Photo by Genevieve Stewart
Photo by
Genevieve Stewart
Happiness is remembering my little boy married the girl of his dreams.

Photo by Genevie Stewart
Happy First Anniversary Sarah and Peter!


  1. Happiness is reading your post, love yay sis, Pete n Sarah!

    1. Our children are definitely works of art!