Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Art Spark Drop #3
Berrytown Produce, Hammond, LA
I was shopping for crawfish bread and produce when I remembered I needed to make a drop.  I reached into my purse and pulled out the first Art Spark I touched and quickly placed in the bin next to me.  The bin happened to be full of bright orange sweet potatoes, some loose and some bagged. This random placement was so appropriate for my day. Some things need to be bagged up and some need to be free!

I'm in the process of helping my husband's aunt go through all of her possessions.  A few items will go with Aunt Ro to help decorate her little room to make it feel more like home.  Other items have been carefully packed and will soon be on their way to family members.  And then there are the things to be donated.  It's been hard going through all of her prized possessions.  I have to keep reminding myself to stop and think about how I will feel when I have to do the same thing.  Value is not determined by of the individual item. Instead it's the symbolism of the treasured keepsake because, as I've been reminded,  everything has a story.

I haven't been looking forward to this packing chore.  I'm tired of moving and we've been trying to get Aunt Ro's house clear for a while now.  But today I've realized this chore was really a gift.  I've learned so many great lessons:

1.  The simplest items can bring great joy to another person.
2.  Dropping donations off at a charity is inspiring knowing your possessions will be given new life.
3.  Never let you closet get too full.
4.  If someone wants to give you one of their possessions accept it with gratitude.
5.  Helping a loved one clean out their home is more fun when they're present to tell you the stories.


  1. Beautiful post...always a blessing to see the positive in an otherwise yucky task.

  2. Thanks Carmen. I hope the recipient of this abandoned art enjoys it!