Sunday, June 22, 2014

I made it.

The trip was long, but entertaining looking for places to abandon little Art Sparks along the way. Sometimes I'd forget and make my husband stop at the last minute, but I did hit every state!  He is such a patient man.

Crawdaddy's in Madisonville, LA. Yummy shrimp Po'Boy for dinner.

Found this pay phone somewhere in Mississippi. I can't remember the last time I actually used one of these!

If you're ever driving through Alabama and see the sign for Priester's Pecans you have to stop!  Lots of free samples and you'll leave with a bag full of deliciousness!

At a truck stop in Georgia I pulled out the first card I touched and thought this was the perfect spot for it.  I love the idea of both an antifreeze and coolant!  Just the thing for a remodeled life!

We stopped for the night in Anderson, SC and the closest restaurant was one of my husband's favorites. I let him pick the Art Spark to be abandoned.  He claims he loves the place because the beer is cold and the wings are hot!

I just love this giant peach - It always makes me laugh. Does anyone else think it looks like a 
giant . . . . . ?

Carolina Blue.

Finally close to home.  I may be partial, but Virginia really does have the best rest area in the country.

I hope all my traveling Art Sparks have brought smiles to their new owners' faces. I have many more places to go over the next few weeks and plenty of pieces to abandon.  I may not have time to make a large, important work of art right now.  But I can create and release little gems here and there.

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