Saturday, September 14, 2013


Today is my baby boy Eric's birthday. He was born at 9:15 on September 14th, 1988.  My doctor brought a boombox into the delivery room and inserted an Eagles tape into the slot.  The song Hotel California was playing as Eric was delivered into this world. A very bizarre set of lyrics to be associated with a birth.  But if you knew Eric it wouldn't seem too odd, just unique.  He's a one in a million kind of person.  

Eric's always energetic and enthusiastic. He lives his life with no regrets and handles challenges with grace. His face is a showcase of emotions. He makes everyone laugh. And he makes everyone feel loved.

I've painted many pictures of Eric and his brother, Peter, (one is on the wall in the picture at the top right corner of the collage) but I don't have any with me here in Texas.  They were, and still are, two of my favorite subjects.  I think I'll work on a new portrait today.  I  have plenty of expressions to choose from.

Happy 25th Birthday Eric!
So Happy Birthday to my Icky-Poo! My life has been sweeter just by having you in it.  I miss your face so I think I'll go paint a picture!
I'll post a step-by-step soon so you can get some inspiration to paint a portrait too.


  1. Your son sounds like a wonderful guy, a lot like his mother.

  2. Happy Birthday Eric!! May you enjoy the many more to come. As I was reading about the day Eric was born, it made me think of my wife and I youngest son we he was born. It is definitely life changing experience. Nice pics of Eric, especially the thumbs up.

  3. Happy Birthday to your son. I also have a son that brings me much joy.

  4. Thanks for your comments and being patient with my indulgence. But where else can you give a shout out to special people than your own blog!