Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Small Start

"Great oaks from tiny acorns grow"
                                                                                                       --American Proverb

I almost missed seeing this little guy when I was on my walk today.  But Dasher the Dog decided it was time to stop to sniff and snack on a few acorns. I rescued this one and put it in my pocket.  I thought he'd be the perfect model for my daily painting.

1.  I lightly sketch the acorn on a 7 1/2 x 10 1/2 piece of watercolor paper.
2.  I used wet-on-wet underpainting colors of yellow for the acorn and blue for the cap.  I completely dried the paint with a hair dryer.
3.  I added another layer of color using the wet-on-wet 
technique.  I used green for the acorn and brown on the cap (not pictured - guess I was too busy painting to stop and snap.) DRY
4.  I painted another layer of color onto the acorn and cap.  This time I only wet the paper in some areas and dropped colors in to create some textures and lines.  Remember the paint will only move where the paper is already wet.

 5.  With a dry brush and a mixture of blue and brown paint I created texture on the cap.

6.  I used a detail brush to add some sharp lines to some of the edges.

7.  I then painted the background using red, yellow and a little blue for a shadow.

Small Start                          7 1/2 x 10 1/2
Watercolor on Paper

The ancient oak has again
birthed a shower of acorns
in the expectation that
one or two of them
will find fertile soil
will plant themselves, grow
become the next generation
of oaks. This is the Way.
One generation, as part of its
process, sows seed
continuity confirmed.

The poet too reaches into his roots
scatters words and thoughts
in the expectation
that one or two
will imbed themselves
in the rich humus
of a hearer's heart
grow there to weave a chain
winding backward and forward
through chapter and verse
of the human story.

Listen carefully then, for you
may be the one,
propelling the poem
singing the song
in an entirely different key
feeding, with your fallen acorns
squirrels and chipmunks and souls.
a poem by Lois Read


  1. Beautiful post. I shared on my fan page on Facebook and on Twitter.

  2. WOW!!! Beautiful job on painting...no way I could do that! Love it and I love acorns. Please let me know how I can be the best resource for you!

  3. I love Acorns! And this one is absolutely GREAT!

    I'm participating in Leslie's 30 in 30, too - as a way to practice since I am new to this.

    Happy Painting.

  4. Three Cheers to you! Just read your bio! A teacher!

    I am going to follow your blog now!! Wanna follow me back?

    Have fun with the 30 in 30!