Monday, September 23, 2013

The next good thing.

Recently I've had a run of bad things happening in my life and the lives of my family.  I'm usually a pretty positive person, but lately I'm worrying too much about the next bad thing.  I'm preparing myself for the worst.  And that's got me down in the dumps.

So it's time for me to shift my thinking.  I'm now going to worry about the next GOOD thing to happen.  It may be as simple as a kind person in traffic or a smile from one of my students.  I'm going to focus on any and all good things that come my way.

Positive thinking can make you a healthier person. In a Mayo Clinic article researchers list the many health benefits of the effects of positive thinking and optimism.  "One theory is that having a positive outlook enables you to cope better with a stressful situation, which reduces the harmful health effects of stress on your body," the article states. Turning negative self thoughts in to positive ones is a skill anyone can learn. You just have to focus on the good things in your life.

 "Where your attention goes, your energy flows."  
                                                                                              Jim Bunch, The Ultimate Game of Life

Today I'm going to start a 90 day Gratitude Journal.  I will end each day listing all the good things that have come my way. While I know I still have some hard times ahead, I'm not going to dwell on the bad things anymore.  I'm going to take care of what I can and let go of the rest.  By the end of the 90 days I will have developed the new habit of looking for the next GOOD thing!

Just writing this blog will be on my list for today.


  1. I love the power of positive thinking. I can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook when things seem to be happening that are not in synch with that mood; however, it will always be better to try and find the silver lining in the end. Love the idea of a gratitude journal and staying focused on the next GOOD thing! Great stuff :-D

  2. I truly believe in the power of positive thinking. We have the power within to do, be and have anything. Kudos to you for choosing to focus on that which you have control over. Starting a gratitude journal is a great thing and I look forward to following your 30 day journal !

  3. Just being optimistic from day to day can change your overall thinking entirely! I strive to be positive every day and it has helped me attract good things that I want out of life.