Thursday, September 5, 2013

Playing with paint

I love to experiment with paint.  It's fun to have no plan and just begin to play!  No stress, no rules (except dry your paper thoroughly between layers), just paint and paper.

1.  Using painters tape I blocked randomly created shapes on my 15 x 22 watercolor paper.
2.  I wet the paper and dropped in yellows, reds and pinks.  DRY

3.  I pulled up the first pieces of tape and put on some new ones.  I repeated painting with yellows and oranges but forgot to snap a picture.  Sorry! DRY

4.  Next I put on more tape.  This time I created thicker lines by doubling and tripling the tape.  I wet the areas and dropped in blues and greens. DRY

5.  This is what it looked like after I pulled that tape off.
6.  I taped index cards to random areas making sure I touched at least 3 sides (a suggestion in composition)
7.  I then loaded a fan brush with different colors and splattered paint on the paper.

8.  I took off the cards and doodle in and around all of the rectangles but one.  I left the one with the most yellow blank to create a focal point.  (another suggestion in composition.)
9.  I put an index card over the yellow one and splattered a little more yellow paint.

Linear Windows                                           14 x 20
Watercolor on paper
10.  I doodled a little more dark blue paint on some edges and declared the painting done.

Tonight I'm traveling so I may not be able to post until Monday.  But I packed lots of supplies and plan on being inspired by my trip!

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