Friday, July 19, 2013

Colorful Dining.

When my children were little my mother gave me a red plate.  This wasn't an ordinary plate, it was special. It was supposed to be pulled out on those occasions when we were celebrating.  Birthdays, good grades, losing a tooth and other holidays. I kept the plate in the china cupboard to protect it. I would usually remember to pull it out on birthdays, but I forgot it for other celebrations and milestones.

A few years ago some of my art teacher friends threw me a going away party.  At the party we did what most art teachers do, we had a little creative time.  Sharon bought a set of glasses and had the group paint these as a gift for me. I moved to Texas I took the glasses with me and put them in the cabinet with my everyday glassware.  Each time I opened that door I would see the glasses and I was reminded of my friends back home.  I used those glasses everyday and my new friends in Texas grew to love them too.  In fact they asked me to teach them how do to glass painting.  I held many workshops and shared this technique with lots of people. When I moved back to Virginia my first set of glasses were joined by many more that I'd painted.

Now when someone opens my kitchen cabinet they have to spend a moment choosing which glass they want to use.  No two are alike and everyone has their personal preference.  I still enjoy watching people use these glasses and I always share the story about how this began.  Because it's a story of how some friends made me feel special everyday.

You can paint your own glassware. Here is an excellent video that gives you all the basics: Pebeo Vitrea Glass Paints.  I buy most of my glassware at the Dollar General, Big Lots or other discount stores.

I'm going to start using the red plate as often as I can.  I think I'd better put it in the everyday dish cabinet. That way I'll never forget to celebrate all of the special occasions that come my way!


  1. Hi Karen - Thanks for sharing the images of your special plate and the memory-filled glasses. We did something similar for my sister's wedding shower, where we all painted dessert plates. I was given the special task of creating a cake plate as the matron of honor ;-) You've inspired me for my next champagne flutes. We have a regular dinner with friends so I will ask them to paint special glasses we can use for years to come. Here's to living an inspired & creative life!

  2. Thank you for sharing; that is very inspiring and makes me think that I should do something like that one of these days.