Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Trees and butterflies

During our summer fun weeks my niece Sarah and I taught kids to make things from everyday objects.  I've already described "Paper Plate Snakes" in an earlier post.  So today I thought I'd share with you "Coffee Filter Butterfiles" and "Paper Bag" Trees.

You'll need:  round coffee filters, wooden clothes pins, pipe cleaner, washable markers and watercolors

1.  Draw a face and body colors on the clothes pin.
2.  Draw designs on the coffee filter using the washable markers
3.  Add more color to the filter using water colors.  The marker designs will also bleed into the colors.  Let dry
4.  Bunch the coffee filter in the middle and clip it with the clothes pin. Add the antennae (aka pipe cleaner.)
5.  Tie the butterfly to a branch or put a magnet on the back.

Paper Bag Trees

1. Cut 4-5 slits about half way from the open end of the folded paper bag.
2.  Open the bag and start crumpling and twisting.
3.  Form the trunk by twisting the main part of the bag.
4.  Now twist each cut tab to form branches
5.  Add construction paper leaves and little birds toys or drawings.

So open up your kitchen cabinets and see what art supplies you find.  You never know when you'll be inspired!


  1. These are going on the Grandma Camp pinterest boards...! Love the butterflies and so will the Sweet Pea. ~Hobby

  2. This looks like a project children would love. I don't have little ones :)

    Rachel recently posted The 16 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People

  3. I love the tree - so simple yet so cute.

    It seems to me you are making precious memories with the kids... ones that will last them a lifetime!
    Erica from http://startingafter50.com

  4. When my daughter was younger, I think she would have enjoyed these. She might enjoy this now, but I would prefer challenging her a bit more (since she's 10). Thanks for stopping by my blog!