Saturday, July 13, 2013

Doodle to distraction.

I want to live a healthier lifestyle so I am always looking for new ways to distract myself.  I made a committment to not eat after 7:00 pm, but I find myself craving a snack when I'm catching up with things on my DVR.  Instead of turning to food I like to doodle.  I keep a little sketchbook and a thin black sharpie on my end table. By the end of the evening I have a little piece or art and no extra calories have been consumed!

Here's a little doodling exercise you might want to try:
  1. Draw a box
  2. Draw 6 to 8 little boxes and design different patterns. Shapes, words, lines, etc.
  3. In your first box draw a line that crosses itself many times.  You're creating areas to draw in.
  4. Now begin to fill those sections with patterns.  It's ok to repeat - infact that helps your composition
  5. Finish by coloring in some areas with black or other colors.

Finding new habits to replace old ones is the best way to change a behavior.  I've been trying to get healthier for over 2 years now and just a few modifications to my regular schedule have helped me to lose weight and begin a regular exercise program.  I begin every day with a walk, usually about an hour.  I try to eat foods that are locally grown as often as I can.  I drink lots and lots of water.  And I doodle when I need a distraction!


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  1. Love your doooooodles! Did my two miles this morning at training practice. Making art at home today. Blogging too. Good habits! Good habits! Good habits!