Monday, July 15, 2013

My boys - friends for life!

In June of 1986 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Peter. He stole my heart from the first moment. I marveled in his perfection.   I never thought I could love anyone as much as I loved him.  Then in September of 1988 I gave birth to another amazingly wonderful baby boy, this one we named Eric. He entered my heart with the same intensity that Peter did. I felt, and still feel so incredibly blessed!

But with the birth of my second child I worried about how Peter was going to handle it.  A friend of mine told me to be prepared because older siblings can be very jealous.  She'd said he's going to be confused about why I would need another child if I really loved him. She'd equated it with how I would feel if my husband came home and told me that he was bringing another wife to live with us. Was she ever wrong!
Peter & Eric 1990
Peter & Eric 2013

From the moment Eric was born Peter was enthralled.  He wanted to be with him every minute. He would read to him, play with him, entertain him and talk to him.  As time went on they would fight, argue, cry and struggle, but they would always make up.  They had each other, friends through thick and thin.

When Peter got married this year Eric was a wonderful best man.  During the wedding week he even stood up to me and told me to leave Peter alone when I had an issue to address! He'd become his older brother's protector.  At the wedding reception Eric and the other best man, Alex, gave toasts that were unforgettable. Alex, a fraternity brother of Pete's from UVA (Wahoo, Wa), spoke about all of the great times they had together during and after college.  But Eric stole the show.  He told many stories about growing up with Peter and how lucky he was to be his little brother. I laughed and I cried as I enjoyed every moment hearing about the love my two boys have for each other. They are best friends for life.

Create a toast for someone special 
1.  Pick a person who you really adore - it can be a sibling or a soul sister/brother.
2.  Write a toast for them - make it short and sweet or long and full or stories.
3.  Invite that person for a meal and honor them with your toast!
5.  Create a scrapbook page with the written toast and photos.  It will become a cherished possession!


  1. I was the mistress of ceremonies for my brother's wedding and it was such an honour. It can be difficult to get past the nerves to make a speech that really shines, but it's totally worth it!

  2. What a neat tribute. I only had one daughter, so I didn't have any experience like this. But my daughter has a best friend who is almost like a sister to her.

    Commenting from the UBC.

  3. A great contribute to your boys, and a toast to you for bring such an awesome Mom!