Monday, July 22, 2013

My thinking spot.

Where do you go to think?  I have several places depending on what state I'm currently in. (I mean that geographically and mentally!)  By far my favorite place is the dock on Taylor's Creek at my family's vacation house in Weems, Virginia.  This is where I go to think, plot, dream and reflect.  To me it's the most peaceful and inspiring place on earth.

Race Day on the Rappahannock                        2002           
I have other thinking spots like my porch, taking a walk, and even in the shower.  I need that alone time to gather my thoughts, make plans and set goals.  Too often days are filled with so much chatter and distractions that it's difficult to sort through my thoughts.  So I have to remember to find a peaceful place to stop and think. Sometimes I just pull up one of these pictures and take myself on a virtual trip.

Fireworks at the River                                       2012
Create your own Thinking Spot:

1.  Find some pictures of places that are meaningful to you.  These can be photographs or magazine pictures.
2.  Put copies of these pictures on all of your devices:  computers, phone, Ipad, etc.
3.  Set an appointment with yourself everyday to spend 15 minutes reflecting on your happy place. Think, dream, plan and reflect.  I put a reminder on my electronic calendar.
4.  Journal about these thoughts if you'd like or create a piece of art about your thinking spot.

I've told my husband and my family that when I'm gone I'd like to have part of my ashes sprinkled on this spot at the river. So in future years whenever they come to our family house we can sit on the dock and think together.

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