Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We own 3 houses but live in our RV

Let me clarify a little.  We don't actually live in an RV, we live in our fifth wheel.
I'm not quite sure why it's called a 5th wheel, it's only got 4 as far as I can see. What about our houses? The one in Katy is rented out (we thought we were moving back to VA) and the one in Louisiana is in litigation (Chinese drywall = unsellable house).  Our house in Virginia is being looked after by many capable people and has become "Karen's Bed and Get Your Own Breakfast."

Anyway the 5th wheel is our home for now because I've relocated back to Katy, TX for the school year. It's cozy and comfortable plus we got a sweet spot by a little fake lake.  Joe picked up a golf cart for scooting around to the laundry, pool, trash and visit neighbors. This year is going to be an exercise in simplicity for me. Having restricted space is requiring me to get more organized.  I have to constantly decide "Do I really need ____?"

If you had to scale your living space down to 2 rooms what could you do without? I have a husband and a dog so I have simplify even more to share this space.  I've reduced my wardrobe (I only brought 5 pairs of shoes with me!), emptied my cabinets (don't need more than 4 plates, especially since there is no dishwasher), and started to shop like a European (tiny fridge and pantry).  I've learned how to multitask by doing 5 loads of laundry simultaneously while I answer emails, write blogs, and pay bills (I've reduced paper by setting up all ebills.) I've fallen in love with the 3M removable hooks - I've put them everywhere!  But most importantly I'm figuring out how to live with whatever is most essential. Because as long as I'm in the same place as my husband, Joe and my dog, Dasher I'm going to make it a home.

Simplifying and decluttering are great ways to clear my mind too.  I'm no longer crawling over piles of paper and digging through an over stuffed closet.  I read a book recently by Andrew Mellen called Unstuff Your Life to help me figure out how to get organized.  His book and website are a gold mine of information. When deciding where to put things always remember "everything has a place and like goes with like," Mellen says. That makes so much sense!

Art supplies-definitely essential! 
I'm not ready to share too many pictures of my organized living space,  it's still a work in progress.  I spent hours yesterday at Ikea and other container stores looking for ideas. I didn't solve all of my storage problems, but I left with a new clothes hamper and a few small boxes. I did get a few areas organized.

So I challenge you to create some organization in your life.  Clear out your desk.  Rearrange your kitchen. Set up your art space for instant creativity.  Even cleaning out your purse will give you satisfaction. Enjoy the simplicity!


  1. Wow! What a great life! I belong to an RV group ONLY because it's the kind of life I want to have for traveling in our state, California! We live at the beach, so most of the time I'm just happy to be here. But I would love to go through all of California in an RV. What a great post with great ideas of how to live the life!

    1. Once we finally retire we're going to travel all over the country - at least that's our dream. Maybe by 2015?

  2. I REALLY need to declutter my life as well. We love to go camping, but we have a very small camper. Its always my husband, our 3 kids, & myself. We are looking for a 5th wheel with slide outs but no such luck yet. I've always wondered why they call it a 5th wheel as well.

    1. I found out! The "fifth wheel" is the thingy that connects the trailer to the truck- it moves side to side instead of front to back!

      If you like our 5th make us an offer - lol - then we can buy a real RV