Thursday, May 15, 2014

Be Still and Quietly Listen.

I'm a public school art teacher.  My students range from 6th to 12th grade and they are an active bunch.  I work in a school where students are sent for disciplinary reasons.  Our goal is to help them modify their behaviors while we work on improving or maintaining their grades.  This time of year is a challenge.  We're all tired and antsy, ready for summer vacation.  But we still have work to do.  Time for soft music and some calm drawing lessons.
"Be Still and Quietly Listen"      MJP Day 15

So shhhhhhhhhhh.....................Be Still.....................and Quietly Listen.


  1. I love the quiet. Thank you!

  2. When I taught English in Israel, the only thing that would calm my students was music and lots of it.
    Dorit Sasson
    Giving Voice to Your Story