Thursday, May 22, 2014

Everything has a story

May Journal Project               Day 22

"Birds vs. Leaves"                MJP #22
This entry shows the inside cover and first page of a journal I started in the fall of 2007.  I'd just moved from Virginia to Houston, TX and wrote about the beginning of the school year, doodling the fall leaf at the bottom right.  I'd written about driving to work,  missing the fall colors and feeling quite homesick.

I've now been in Houston on and off for 7 years. While I still miss the bright colors of spring and fall back east, I've noticed small bits of beauty here.  Texas may not have a lot fall leaves and spring flowers (although the blue bonnets are gorgeous!),  but there's no shortage of birds. Many days when I'm driving to work I see hundreds of these tiny creatures.  They're everywhere, flying around,  landing on trees, wires, buildings and signs.  Each time I stop at a light I see them jumping and flitting about excited by their fellow birds and the cars all around.   Sometimes they're still and other times they swirl in a melee of chirping and fluttering.  They entertain me every morning and make me feel less homesick.

I do have one question:  Where are all these birds going?  What is their story?

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