Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Dreams

May Journal Project - Day 6

What a crazy winter.  I spent most of it in Houston watching the news as the east coast got hammered with snow for months.  Around here it was colder and wetter than usual.  Everyone complained about it, wishing for the spring to come.
Spring Dreams - MJP #6

The beautiful season is here with cool evenings and warm days.  Time to get outside and enjoy the weather before the inevitable.

Hopefully this summer will not be one filled with record breaking heat and storms.  Just days full of sun and fun!


  1. I fear your Houston spring is going to be swallowed up in a heat wave, while we in the Northeast continue to wish for het. Everything is so unbalanced, it seems. I hope the weather straightens itself out and we both have a good summer. Alana visiting from the UBC.

    1. I hoping for a great summer in Virginia - I'm heading there in June! Thanks for stopping by Alana