Sunday, May 25, 2014


May Journal Project                                     Day 25

How many times have I doubted myself?  Probably more than the stars in the sky.  I've doubted my abilities, my talents, my relationships, my strength and sometimes my faith.  These doubts come from personal failures, negative self talk, and criticism from others.  I never felt I measured up to the standards of others.  But enough IS enough.

All it takes is remembering to center my thoughts and actions on the things I have the ability to control.  I have to let go of doubts and keep moving forward.  I'll never be the perfect daughter, sister, mother, Christian, friend, teacher, or artist. But that's ok.  I now believe perfectionism is highly overrated.  If everything in my life was perfect what would I have to look forward to or dream about?

The pages from my old journals are filled with my self doubts, fears and frustrations.  But I can cover those words, transforming them into positive images and mantras.  I have the power!

I am loving daughter, a devoted sister, an adoring mother, a faithful Christian, a loyal friend, an inspiring teacher and a creative artist.  I am good enough and enough IS enough

And you're enough too!

"Enough"                                                        MJP #25                                                   

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