Monday, May 5, 2014

"There are places I remember. . . '

May Journal Project - Day 5

The orginial journal entry was about a trip I took to my childhood home in Shaker Heights, Ohio. I went to visit my oldest and wisest friend looking for advice on how to solve some problems.  While I didn't find any magical solutions, I was able to enjoy stepping back into the past and my friendship with Kathy was rekindled.

The artwork was inspired by the Beatles song and the idea about playing the hand I was dealt.  Looks like a pretty good one, doesn't it?


  1. Hello "other" Karen! Stopping by from Facebook/UBC. I can totally relate to the concept of stepping into the past and rekindling friendships. I have a friend like this named Linda; we grew up together andwere like sisters to one another. Even though we grew apart due to the miles and life circumstances between us (and now live in different states), we can still pick up the phone or communicate on Facebook or those precious times in person, as if there had never been any time or distance between us!

    1. Social media makes it so much easier to be connected, doesn't it?